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A therapist using sound therapy bowls during a holistic session.

Reduction of stress and anxiety levels.

Cultivation of balance and connection between physical and mental states.

Promotion of feelings of satisfaction, gratification, and joy. 

Facilitation of a shift towards a more positive mindset and heightened clarity. 


A double exposure of a woman's profile and an ocean sunset.

Upgrade-Restart Therapy offers personalized one-on-one sessions designed to effectively alleviate both physical and mental stress, promoting a profound sense of balance and well-being. By guiding you to focus inward, this therapy enhances your awareness of body and emotions. Each method is tailored with a personalized approach and unique techniques aimed at achieving highest results.

"In addition, at the end of the sessions, you will be gifted tools and techniques that are crafted specifically for you and are easy to implement in your daily practice to help you self-regulate, reduce stress, and shift into a positive state of mind."

About Me

My name is Lena Voskanyan. I am a motivated Registered Nurse in California with a strong academic background and 10 years of experience in the medical field. I transitioned from being a medical doctor to nursing to prioritize patient-centered care and foster meaningful patient relationships. Committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and empowering you to actively participate in your healthcare journey. My goal is to help you become independent, to show you that you are your own best doctor. I aim to balance your overall psychological and physical well-being and provide you with tools for self-improvement. This ability helps you feel confident, happy, and elevates your quality of life.

Private Holistic Care, managed by a licensed registered nurse in California, offers exclusive private sessions featuring Upgrade-Restart Therapy—an innovative approach that goes beyond conventional medicine.

A chalkboard diagram showing the balance of body, mind, and spirit.
A silhouette of a therapist performing a facial treatment on a client, with soft light in the background.
A person meditating on a rock at sunrise with a misty mountain landscape.
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